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Pressure Washing Packages: Exterior Cleaning Bundles To Keep Your Tallahassee Property Looking Great

Sometimes it takes more than just a single exterior cleaning service to thoroughly care for your property. In Tallahassee, home and business owners can trust Southern House Wash to take care of their entire properties with our pressure washing packages.

Oftentimes, when you start to clean one portion of your home - you'll really start to see all of the other small issues and stains that you previously were blind to. As our pressure washing and soft washing team slowly start to lift the veil of grey and dirt and grime from your property, you'll want more!

You wouldn't only wash half of your laundry or half of your car. So why only wash half of your property? Our pressure washing packages make it easy and more cost-effective to improve your curb appeal and home's exterior health.

Exterior Cleaning Bundles

By bundling our exterior cleaning services, we can upgrade your home maintenance plans in a single day. After our initial booking and service completion, we often have clients that ask us to schedule their next pressure washing package service. Once you see the before and after of your home or business property's visual appeal, you'll never want to let your home fall into a state of disrepair and filth again.

While we can make any combination of services and offer a discount, we do have quite a few popular options

  • House Washing & Roof Cleaning
    • An easy-to-love pressure washing package - we take care of your home from the top down with our superior exterior cleaning services. In just a few hours, you'll see a dramatic difference.
  • Driveway & Patio Washing For Businesses
    • Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more can benefit from this combination. Make sure your entryway to your property is fresh and bright, and that your outdoor seating areas are well-kept.
  • House, Roof, & Driveway For A Total Clean
    • Bundle the popular cleaning options together for complete residential pressure washing.

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